Markety Events | When the show is over: how to secure B2B event leads
Events take up to 25% of marketing budgets, make sure you optimize the ROI of your events. We offer Assessment, workshops, coaching and consulting to get the most out of your events
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When the show is over: how to secure B2B event leads

When the show is over: how to secure B2B event leads

Optimize your event lead generation

Does the following sound familiar? Your sales and marketing teams have worked very hard to meet the deadline of a major event or trade show. On top of that they made long hours during the event. The event is over and the teams’ energy is gone: everyone is on leave, sick or otherwise “out of order”. Your event leads are on business cards, on forms, on sticky notes, in the smartphone of the sales rep: all over the place. 70% of B2B exhibitors don’t even capture demographics and other lead qualifying data! (Pardot) They are far from consolidated and they require immediate follow-up to keep their value, knowing that after 1 week all their value is lost.

e all experienced this and yet the phenomenon returns event after event, often because of time-pressure.. This is not matching the fact that events are the number 1 lead generating marketing activity ( MarketingProfs / Content Marketing Institute report 2015), representing up to 20% of the B2B marketing budgets (Forrester/ IDC TechWatch).

Using apps like KAYO you will remediate most of the issues described. The app allows visitors of your booth or event to select the digital content they want to take away, by simply dragging it to their digital bag. They add their contact details or scan their event badge. All of this can be done offline, which is of real value as WiFi at events is not always reliable.

KAYO or similar apps like Showpad or DoubleDutch store the combination of visitor contact details and areas of interest in a database: ready for import into your CRM or Marketing Automation system AND for reporting about the leads generated at the event. Immediately after the event sales staff finds their leads, including their areas of interest and contact data, in their CRM tasks. This enables sales to continue the conversation with interested visitors (customers and prospects) in a targeted way.

With sales doing their part of the post-event job, marketing staff can focus on other follow-up activities, like the survey, the thank you email, adding prospects to nurturing campaigns or the event evaluation report.

Obviously, you prepare the process with the team before the event, so that they can seamlessly continue their task. This way your team will feel motivated and they should meet the deadline of completing all post-event actions within the week following the event!

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