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Events take up to 25% of marketing budgets, make sure you optimize the ROI of your events. We offer Assessment, workshops, coaching and consulting to get the most out of your events
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The latest trends in Event Tech

The latest trends in Event Tech

Martech has been exploding in the past decade.

Within the domain various specialisations rise, event tech being one of them.

Events, in all their forms, are the last standing marketing tactics from the pre- digital era. While nothing replaces human interaction, like at events, technology allows to better prepare and capture this invaluable human contact to the best interest of both selling and purchasing parties.

Who will survive in the unconsolidated landscape of event technology?

Event Tech Live, that took place on November 9 in London, is riding this wave and is the first event of its kind in Europe. Event tech is quite young, reflected by an unconsolidated landscape of solutions, developed by teams worldwide. Some solutions are build on top of older technology and often depend on proprietary hardware like tablets or badge printers. These are solutions that are hindering their own expansion as they’re hardly scalable by nature.

Other solutions are focussing on just one aspect of event organisation, like voting and polling or networking apps. They are niches that are too small to create sufficient value and oblige their customers to stack up multiple apps in order to build complete digital support of events. They will have to offer integration or will be acquired by larger platforms.

An interesting future can be predicted for those that are offering a full featured event support platform, those that are well integrating with other solutions, including CRM and Marketing Automation systems, and those that contribute to optimization of event ROI. But having said that, also in that league the offer is so vast that consolidation is inevitable.

Who pays the bill for event tech on the customer side?

To grow and prosper, event tech should find it’s way into the enterprise and into event agencies. At this point it’s not always clear who will pay the bill for this technology: marketing, IT, sales? Event tech suppliers should build value propositions for various target audiences to ensure adoption. And in most cases they also need to build and execute a strategy for international expansion as soon as possible. Most apps that were on expo had good multi-lingual capabilities for their front-end but only English on the back-end. Just to name one issue.

Event tech is here to stay!

The game is on and event tech is here to stay: with on average 20% of marketing budgets going into events there should be great motivation to ensure that these investments pay off. Event technology can drive development of disruptive event concepts AND can improve the ROI of events. As always the approach of those in charge of marketing and events will determine the speed with which this will happen and thus for event tech to be widely adopted.

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