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Events take up to 25% of marketing budgets, make sure you optimize the ROI of your events. We offer Assessment, workshops, coaching and consulting to get the most out of your events
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At last: measure the ROI of your events

Be part of the enterprises that know how to measure event ROI.


Measuring event impact, visitor behaviour and interaction will make your future investments in events more fruitful. With you, we define KPIs in line with event objectives, set up processes and deliver dashboards that provide easy insight in the figures concerning your events.

To achieve this our certified experts configure your CRM and Marketing Automation systems in place to create relevant reports.


Contact us today for an assessment of your event ROI optimization.


We all know that organizing events takes tons of energy: so taking a pause when your event is over is just natural.


But beware: while you take your pause, your event leads “die”. Which is weird because 80% of the events are organized for lead generation. Let us help you to select and configure event apps and other tools, train your staff and define processes to let no lead get lost.


With our partners, we master plenty of event apps and tools. Since we are not dependent on any of these tool providers we can recommend the ones that really fit your needs. Thanks to our experience we can empower your team with a new approach and let your events benefit from the goodies of the digital era!


We recommend that you start with an assessment of your current event ROI: read here why this is a relevant first step.

Qualify your event leads and improve conversion

Collecting plenty of leads at an event can be a luxury problem. Anticipate the quantity of leads you will collect and have resources lined up for immediate post-event qualification. Short of resources? We offer temporary help with highly experienced prospecting teams. Together we improve each phase of the conversion funnel and generate more revenue from events.

Integrate events in your overall marketing strategy

Classically events live a life of their own, apart from other marketing tactics. Events are the last standing element of “old”, non-digital marketing. Everyone agrees that events need to be better integrated with other marketing: but how to get it done?

We make your events perform better at lower cost because of their integration with the overall marketing approach. Marketing Automation, social media and content marketing are the keys to success.

Let’s do an assessment to lay the groundwork for your event ROI excellence.


“An event is worth a thousand digital interactions.”


Most of your marketing is digital, your customers’ buying process is mostly digital: so you have to fully use these rare moments of live personal interaction with prospects and customers.


Think ahead of the data you could capture: behaviour, interactions, feedback.  Plan how to integrate this data into your CRM and Marketing Automation databases. Let your data tools do the rest. We can help you realize the full potential of events with tools and recommandations on how to use them.