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Events take up to 25% of marketing budgets, make sure you optimize the ROI of your events. We offer Assessment, workshops, coaching and consulting to get the most out of your events
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Case study: event ROI measurement and reporting

Case Study
About This Project

Issue: One of our customers has typical long sales cycles (6-9 months) but wanted to measure the impact of events on the deals won. They had no way of seeing this in their CRM.


Solution: With the help of experts we put in place reporting for events that had as an objective to accelerate the closing of deals. For a set period of time delivered scheduled reports, showing the relation between event participation and the progress of deals.


Achieved benefits: While we know that deals are not closed only because of the event participation, the customer can now show the impact they have on revenue. This helps justify doing certain events again or deciding to invest marketing budget differently.