Markety Events | Case study: Accelerating event lead follow-up
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Case study: Accelerating event lead follow-up

About This Project

Issue: Repeatedly at one of our customers, the event follow-up was too slow, causing leads to “die” and losing momentum with all event stakeholders. After each event, successful as such, the energy dropped and staff switched focus.


Solution: We helped integrating event follow-up in the total event planning, creating a different mindset and energy for the follow-up phase. Also the CRM system was configured such that event leads got quicker dispatched across sales staff, for their immediate action. In the Marketing Automation system event follow-up campaigns got programmed for rapid sending of personalized “thank you” and “missed you” emails and for integration of event participants into other campaigns.


Achieved benefits: Staff found new pleasure in the follow-up actions, encouraged by the results. Visitors proved more receptive to sales calls and open rates of emailings as well as downloads of content went up. Complaints by sales about the quality of leads captured were largely reduced. Overall this added to better event ROI as more leads made it through the funnel.

Case Study