Markety Events | Use Case: capturing precious visitor data
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Use Case: capturing precious visitor data

Use Case
About This Project

Issue: The issue of capturing precious visitor data is shared amongst all of our clients. How to find the right mix between the use of technology and a natural, though innovative visitor experience? There are many event apps out there, how to find the one that adds value to my event and delivers data that is relevant for further use?


Solution: Technology to capture visitor data is part of today’s event outfitting. For our customers we often selected apps to do this. Obviously the app selected should be fitting the event objectives and should have an interface with the CRM and / or Marketing Automation in place.  Also we recommend to make a choice and stick to it for a number of events, for consistency sake.

Already in 2009 we initiated the use of Near Field Communication (NFC) at events: we deployed it on product demonstration stands. Visitors could hold their badge close to an NFC tag which filled their “digital bag” with information about the product shown at the stand. At the end of the event they received an email with links to the content of their digital bag. Obviously the event organizer got a database with visitor data and preferences, ideal for further lead nurturing and sales calls.

Today we help select “off-the-shelf” apps, like KAYO, Akkroo, eventfuel and Eventfarm.

Also we advise on playful ways to deploy these apps, so that it is fun for the visitor to use them. Gamification and the attractiveness of gadgets are often the triggers we use.


Benefits: With the collected data the CRM and Marketing Automation databases are enriched. Collecting data like this also increases the ROI of the event, as it often allows to achieve more than during digital interactions with your customers and prospects. Like this prospects move further into the funnel and allow for more personalized communications.