Markety Events | 5 good reasons to do an event ROI assessment
Events take up to 25% of marketing budgets, make sure you optimize the ROI of your events. We offer Assessment, workshops, coaching and consulting to get the most out of your events
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5 good reasons to do an event ROI assessment

5 good reasons to do an event ROI assessment

Typically we kick off each project with event ROI assessments. Our clients often ask us why they should spend time on this. It takes precious time from the event /marketing team to provide feedback for the assessment and it may make them feel insecure to see their work “under scrutiny”. Here are 5 good reasons why an event ROI assessment is useful.

  1. Take a step back and get the holistic view. Because everyone works so hard, taking a step back offers a necessary view on the big picture. An assessment is such a moment, carved out in busy schedules, when a new light shines on all the hard work of everyone, allowing for new insights to get into the minds and harts of the team.
  2. When we do assessments we also bring benchmarks into the equasion. These allow the team to see where you stand with the ROI optimization of your events versus “the market”. It may not be fun to discover that your events are below average on certain scales, but we will always find a constructive way to turn that into creativity and motivation to progress.
  3. Do the assessment before your management does it. In the B2B space events take up to 20% of the marketing budgets. Top management will ask sooner or later for (more) details about the return on that budget. Doing the assessment helps you detect where you can improve in providing the answers to their questions. Getting there before management asks will make the team look good. 
  4. Valuable delivery: a plan for event ROI excellence. The assessments we do will provide you with a concrete plan to reach event ROI excellence. Depending on the assessment this plan spans a few weeks up to a few months.
  5. Fixed asessment price: 995€. The assessment we do re: your event ROI optimization comes at a fixed price of 995€. On average we spend 1 day working with your team and 1 day to deliver your plan.


With the above said, the event ROI assessment is the basis for getting more leads, more revenue and more visitor interaction out of your events.


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