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Events take up to 25% of marketing budgets, make sure you optimize the ROI of your events. We offer Assessment, workshops, coaching and consulting to get the most out of your events
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How we work with you

We are not an event agency, nor a vendor of event tools.

We are marketing experts that help you getting more return from your event budget.

1. Event Assessment

With your team, we assess the actual status of your events: their preparation, execution, follow-up and… their ROI! Deliverables: assessment report and detailed proposal for next steps.

2. Process and tools

Next we define processes and select tools that can be relevant for you. We usually assist in organizing one of your events to make your team learn on the job.

3. Event ROI Excellence

Receive your tailored playbook and templates as an outcome of our collaboration. To top it off, we provide you with the dashboards and monitoring tools that you need to achieve event ROI excellence.

Do the test

Find out how “ROI-optimized” your events are

Recognize this? Many interactions at your event but few data are collected …

Too much happening at the event: meet and greet, business meetings, product demonstrations, VIP lunches. Event interactions are worth more than a year of digital marketing campaigns, under ONE CONDITION: you need to capture what’s going on in a digital format. There are many fun ways to do this, giving your event an innovative flavor while getting much more valuable data out of it!

Recognize this? The event is over and nobody left to follow-up with the participants…

All your team’s energy went into the event: now that it’s over colleagues go back to their daily jobs, are off sick or on holiday. Each day that your event leads are left without follow-up they lose value. But hey, weren’t leads the primary reason to hold the event? Something has to be done, quick! With good upfront planning and some tools to facilitate follow-up your event leads will not get lost.

Need a fast way to event ROI? Book one of our in-house workshops!

Selected Projects

The best way to find out more about us, is to read about projects we have done.

Read our blog and get inspired

Opinions, tips and tricks: all about how you can improve your event results and keep that event budget! Inspired? Contact us today for an assessment of your event ROI.